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COVID-19 Procedures: To ensure the safety of all participants in our academy, certain restrictions apply to our standard procedures. All COVID-19 procedures come from our COVID committee who diligently monitor any potential risks to our students.

Tuition: Payment in full or in part (if payment plans are enabled) is due upon registration.

Refunds: Refunds are not available to students who miss classes due to illness or personal schedule changes. If for some reason an instructor becomes incapable of completing their contracted teaching schedule and a replacement instructor cannot be found, a student will receive a full refund for the remaining classes/lessons left in the paid session.

Attendance: Students are encouraged to attend each class. Missed classes will not be made up. If weather conditions cause a closure of the academy, classes will be rescheduled at a later date.

Tardiness: Classes begin at the scheduled time. An instructor cannot restate missed information for a tardy student. If a student arrives tardy, the lesson will still end at the normally scheduled time. All students are advised to arrive 15 minutes prior to class-time.

Required materials: Students are encouraged to bring the recommended items for their classes. Some classes may not require any materials. The class syllabus mentions any, if any, required items. For example, students registering for tap dance will need to bring tap shoes with them to class.

Food/Drink: Due to health concerns and to maintain the cleanliness of our facilities, only water in clearly marked containers is allowed in the building. Any plastic water bottles found on the premises after class will be discarded.

Behavior: Students are expected to be respectful to both faculty and fellow students. If a student becomes disruptive and/or destructive to the facility or any member of the Arts Academy at any point, the instructors reserve the right to remove the unruly student. The guardian/parent will be phoned immediately.

Liability: Lubbock Moonlight Musicals, Inc. is not responsible for any injury a student may develop as a result of not following directions and/or respecting the facility and/or equipment.

Pick-up procedure: Parents/guardians are encouraged to walk students under age twelve into their class and/or lesson. Students under the age of 12 must be picked up inside the facility by a parent/guardian at the scheduled conclusion of class. If a parent/guardian who regularly greets student after class cannot fulfill that responsibility for some reason, the instructor must be notified in advance concerning who (name and relationship to student) will be arriving at pick-up time. Instructor will monitor children leaving the building via the side lot to the parent/guardian. We will not let a child leave with an unapproved adult. The safety and protection of your child is our number one concern!