Reserve your time to Audition for Matilda!

Auditions will take place Saturday July 29th (10am to 8pm) and a general movement assessment Sunday July 30th (2pm to 6pm) at our offices located at 2806 Avenue A. Callbacks will be Monday July 31st from 6pm to 10pm.

You can reserve your timeslot by emailing

Please let us know if you require any accommodations. We want you to do your best!


Matilda will perform Fridays and Saturdays, October 6-21

Performances will start at 7:30pm


Age ranges are 7+

Please prepare a monologue that is 30-60 seconds as well as 30-60 seconds of a musical theater selection in the style of the show.

For movement assessments,  dance shoe/pants preferred.

For callbacks, you may be asked to read and sing sides from the script and songs from the show, potential dance callback if needed

Rehearsal Time Frame – August 26th to Open – 6-9pm rehearsals, no Wednesdays for now, no Sundays, Saturdays 9-12 and 1-4 (subject to change)


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Click HERE to download a pdf from Casey Joiner on how to prepare for auditions!


Character Breakdowns:

Matilda — Characters

Miss Agatha TrunchbullMale – Lead – Baritone
Matilda WormwoodFemale – Lead – Mezzo-Soprano
Mrs. Zinnia Wormwood – Female – Supporting – Mezzo-Soprano
Mr. Harry Wormwood – Male – Supporting – Baritone
Miss Jennifer HoneyFemale – Supporting – Mezzo-Soprano
Bruce Bogtrotter Male – Featured – Countertenor, Tenor
LavenderFemale – Featured – Mezzo-Soprano
Mrs. PhelpsFemale – Featured – Non-singer
Michael WormwoodMale – Featured – Tenor
The EscapologistMale – Ensemble – Baritone
CookFemale – Ensemble – Mezzo-Soprano
SergeiMale – Ensemble – Baritone
Henchman 1Male – Ensemble – Tenor
Henchman 2Male – Ensemble – Tenor
HenchwomanFemale – Ensemble – Mezzo-Soprano
The AcrobatMale – Ensemble – Mezzo-Soprano
Amanda ThrippFemale – Ensemble – Soprano
NigelMale – Ensemble – Tenor
EricMale – Ensemble – Tenor
AliceFemale – Ensemble – Mezzo-Soprano, Soprano
HortensiaFemale – Ensemble – Mezzo-Soprano
TommyMale – Ensemble – Tenor
DoctorMale – Ensemble – Tenor
RudolphoMale – Ensemble – Tenor