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Raincheck Policy

A performance may be interrupted or delayed due to weather or other reasons. If a delay is necessary during a performance, the production may be paused for a reasonable period of time. At that time an announcement will be made as to the approximate starting time if the performance is to continue. Moonlight Musicals will make every attempt to present a complete performance. You may also bring an umbrella if there be any threat of rain.

Your Rain Check

Rain checks are issued to ticket holders with paid admissions at the Moonlight Musicals Amphitheater in the event a performance is cancelled at any point during the first act. Your paid ticket stub will serve as your rain check.

In the event of a cancelled performance, your rain check may be exchanged, beginning the following day, for a ticket of the same value at a subsequent performance of the cancelled production, subject to seat availability. If the cancelled performance is the final performance of that production, a ticket of the same value may be issued for any subsequent performance in that series.